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From TUMI: New Partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary

TUMI recently shared the following great news with us:

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) and Fuller Theological Seminary have partnered together to provide yet another opportunity for TUMI Capstone Curriculum graduates (Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies): 1. Students who complete their TUMI Capstone Curriculum (Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies) can apply for Special Student Status for a masters program at Fuller Theological Seminary, if: • The student has successfully completed TUMI, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. An official transcript is required. • The student must demonstrate at least 12 years of work experience subsequent to the completion of a high school diploma or GED. • The student has at least 3 years of full time vocational ministry, or at least 5 years of significant (20 hours/wk or more) part time ministry. This student can be admitted to Fuller without having earned an AA or BA degree. 2. The Berry Center for Lifelong Learning at Fuller Theological Seminary will give the student who has successfully completed the TUMI Capstone Curriculum (Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies) a Certificate of Completion. This document has no academic standing; this is a continuing education document.

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