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Graphic by EsKyoo Media

"The word of God is not imprisoned."

- 2 Timothy 2:9

We Are the Church


If we've been in the church for awhile we've almost certainly heard the explanation. The church of Jesus Christ isn't a building, and it isn't something Christians get together to do on Sundays. It is us: the people of God, the body of Christ, called out from the world; regenerated, indwelt, gifted, and empowered by the Holy Spirit; sent into the world as ambassadors to proclaim the gospel and bear witness to God's kingdom as we grow together into the fullness of Christ.


The Cell Church arises from the realization that this biblical truth about God's church doesn't change on the inside of a prison fence. God in Christ is there, drawing people to Himself. The Holy Spirit is there, setting each member in the body according to His perfect wisdom. The word of God is there, living and active, transforming hearts and lives. The ministers of the gospel are there, gifted and called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ (Eph. 4:11-16).


The church is there, in the prison cells. The Cell Church seeks to come alongside the church of Jesus Christ in the prisons, support its ministry, and connect it to the rest of the church outside the fences, that we might truly be one body. Won't you join us?

Original painting by P. Rodriguez

Arrowhead Correctional Center, Canon City, CO.

Our Mission

The Cell Church is committed to identifying, discipling, mentoring, educating and supporting God-gifted current and former prisoners, equipping and empowering them for Christian ministry.

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