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Ministry after Prison: Nathan Cothern

Nathan Cothern (Right)

The Cell Church has known Nathan Cothern since 2014, when we first made contact with him while he ministered as a prisoner in the church at Sterling Correctional Facility (SCF). During the years we were privileged to support Nate in his ministry we recognized his gifts for writing and evangelism, and our ministry published his testimony and other writings, including "That Guy's an Evangelist?" and "Even as He Walked." We also did our best to walk with him as he served in music ministry, produced beautiful artwork, pursued a biblical education, taught and developed young leaders, and served the body of Christ at Sterling.

Nathan Cothern (Far Right)

Nate has been out of prison for several years now, so we wanted to update all of you who have benefited from his ministry on how he is doing. He currently lives with his family in Northern Colorado. He goes back into SCF as a volunteer to preach in chapel services once every month or two. He also goes to the local community corrections facility (or "halfway house") to share advice with the men there, particularly those who spent a long time in prison. Moreover, Nate mentors former prisoners one-on-one and serves leading worship at his home church.

Nathan Cothern (Far Right)

Brother Nate is a great example of a faithful believer and gifted leader who was honed and prepared by God through his experiences in the prison church, and is now using those gifts and skills in ministry to the church of Jesus both in prison and in his community. The vision of The Cell Church is that the Lord

Nathan Cothern (Center)

would work through us to help multiply believers like Nate, who are gifted, prepared, equipped, experienced, bold, and willing to pour out their lives in the ministry to which God calls them. We praise and thank God for the former prisoners, the prison administrators, and the church leaders who have been willing to open themselves and their organizations to Nate's ministry. I believe God has blessed, and will continue to bless, these men and women greatly through Nate because they have chosen to see him through God's eyes and to honor God's call on his life. Please pray for God's ongoing blessing on Nate's life, family, and ministry!

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