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Parolee Brendon Smith Pursues At-Risk Youth Ministry in Denver

Brendon Smith, a former prisoner, has been working since his release to build a network of ministry connections so he can engage at-risk youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We recently published Brendon's testimony, and below we have posted some photos showing what Brendon has been up to. Please pray for God's blessing on Brendon's ministry. If you are interested in contacting him, you can reach him at

Brendon connected with a local ministry called "Prayer One," which uses a helicopter to fly church and ministry leaders over the city in order to pray for Denver, that God would protect and unite our communities and that His kingdom would advance in our city.

He was able to experience a Prayer One flight with pilot and ministry founder Jeff Puckett. For more information on Prayer One ministries, you can link to their website HERE.

Prayer One also works with the Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID) program, which works to suppress and prevent gun and gang violence in Denver. Brendon met with the Director of the GRID program, Paul Callanan, to discuss his desire to minister and witness to young people in danger of being drawn into the gang lifestyle. You can learn more about the GRID program on their website HERE.

While at Prayer One, Brendon was also able to meet with the current and former presidents of the Denver City Council, Jolon Clark and Albus Brooks. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who is also connected with Prayer One, is shown below at one of the ministry's prayer meetings.

Brendon made another great connection with a Senior Adviser from the Denver Office of Community Affairs, Ms. Shawn Johnson, who has worked with local Christian ministries such as Simply Jesus.

The goal of all Brendon's networking is to be able to minister the gospel to at-risk youth in Denver. Here he is sharing his testimony and advice with a 16-year-old young man. Please pray with us for God's continued blessing on Brendon's life and ministry!

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