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  • by Michael Bass

A Personal "Thank You" from Prisoner Michael Bass

Michael Bass is a student in The Cell Church's TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) program at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility. He recently wrote us to share how he is being impacted by the experience, and to thank those who have supported the ministry.

I was saved in May of 2003 and have been in love with Jesus and His word ever since. I have done just about every Bible study I could find since then. Some of them have been very good, like Emmaus, Mount Zion, Evangel, and Family Radio School of the Bible, where I received an Associate's and became interested in learning Koine Greek as much as possible.

I mention all this to say that, of all the study I have done, nothing can compare to the quality and knowledge that TUMI has provided. After finishing four of the sixteen modules, I feel like I have grown much more than all the other studies combined. TUMI works - you can sense the power of God working through Dr. Davis and the material provided. I, along with my fellow students, agree that TUMI is changing our lives in ways that are supernatural. It is also starting to influence our church here at the facility - in little ways for now, but I can see great things for the future!

Another thing TUMI has done in my life is to build a desire in my heart to serve God in some way for the rest of my life. There is nothing I desire more than for God to use me in some way. I'm not sure yet what He plans for me. Besides spiritual knowledge the only other skills I have are graphic arts / photography and dog training. It would be great to incorporate either of those into my ministry. But whatever I do, TUMI has shown me that unless it is for the Kingdom of God it is worthless.

Please lift me up in prayer for God to use me and show me His plans for me. For the time being, TUMI is the focus of my time, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this life-changing and giving venture. Thank you so much for all who make TUMI possible! It is such a blessing to us.

TUMI requires students to have multiple textbooks and a workbook for each module, all of which are provided by The Cell Church. This branch of our ministry is one of the most financially demanding, and we are so grateful to those of you who have supported us!

Please consider helping students like Michael to continue their ministerial education by making a tax-deductible donation to The Cell Church HERE. You learn in more detail about the TUMI curriculum HERE.

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