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A Firm Foundation: Exploring the Scriptural Grounding of The Cell Church

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what I've been thinking about doing with this blog forum in the coming months. Once the ministries of The Cell Church are, Lord willing, up and running at full speed there should be plenty of interesting events to post here. In the meantime, while we at the ministry are occupied with government paperwork and networking behind the scenes, I have been prayerfully considering what I could usefully share with you here.

The material on this site, as it now stands, is largely dedicated to describing the vision the Lord has given us for this ministry. I think it might be helpful if I could unpack a little of the biblical foundation for that vision. Therefore, over the next several months I will be posting expositions of a number of key passages of Scripture, with their implications for the ministry of The Cell Church. I pray that this will help those of you who are considering becoming involved with, or supporting, this ministry to understand in more detail what we believe God is doing in the prisons, how that serves as an expression of who God is, and how it fits into His plan of redemption and the nature of His kingdom. Modest goals, I know! But with the Lord's help, we hope to cast a compelling vision for prison ministry from His word. I pray you will follow along with us as we consider the implications of Scripture for this ministry, and remain sensitive to the Spirit should He call you to come alongside us in this work for God's glory.

Coming up: 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

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