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TUMI Capstone Curriculum Is Here!

After months of prayer and much help from generous supporters, The Cell Church has finally been able to purchase the TUMI Capstone Curriculum materials to begin our biblical education ministry for prisoners! For everyone who is interested - and especially for those of you who helped us raise the necessary funds to buy them - we wanted to give you a quick look at these excellent materials.


TUMI Mentor Manuals Closeup.JPG

Detailed manuals for each of the 16 Capstone modules are provided for mentors (instructors) containing all the information in the student workbooks, plus tips on guiding student learning, reading report forms, quizzes, and exams.



Each Capstone module includes eight 25-minute video lectures by Dr. Don Davis covering the substantive material for the module's four lessons.


TUMI Student Workbooks.JPG

Students will each receive a copy of the Student Workbook for each module. The Workbooks contain the module syllabus and an extensive outline of the material with room for taking lecture notes, plus supplemental information in appendices.


TUMI Textbooks 1.JPG
TUMI Textbooks 2.JPG
TUMI Textbooks 3.JPG

The Capstone Curriculum requires interaction with over 40 textbooks. We were able to initially purchase one copy of each textbook for use by our volunteer TUMI mentors.


TUMI Module 1.JPG

We have purchased enough additional copies of the Student Workbooks and required textbooks for a class of 10 students to take the first module, Conversion & Calling. We will need to purchase Workbooks and textbooks for our students as they begin each subsequent module.

Thanks you so much to everyone who gave sacrificially to help make this part of our ministry vision a reality!! Please continue to pray as (Lord willing) we apply to have this program approved by the Department of Corrections, recruit volunteer TUMI mentors, and begin the student selection process. For more information on the Capstone Curriculum, please visit the TUMI website.

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